Friday 22nd  - Sunday 24th April 2022
8:00am - 6:00pm

With Special Guest Keynote Speakers Mark Homer and Rob Moore - NOT TO BE MISSED

The UK's #1 Property Investing Event

Learn the most successful strategies for investing in property that are working right NOW. 

Over 3 days, hear from the UK's top property investing experts who specialise in buy-to-let, raising finance, deal sourcing, property trading, serviced accommodation and other creative strategies to start your property business from scratch

AND, learn from Progressive Property's Co-Founders themselves - Mark Homer and Rob Moore.

Who between them have bought over 600 properties for themselves and their business partners!

Thousands Of People, JUST LIKE YOU, have achieved FINANCIAL FREEDOM from Investing In Property!

Are you interested in getting into property? But think: ‘I don’t have a deposit saved’ or ‘I’ve got a bad credit rating’ or ‘I don’t have the right contacts’. Well, we’re here to tell you, none of that matters!

Regular people, just like you, have quit their job, waved goodbye to their boss, taken control of their future and now have more time to spend with their friends and family. They are living the life they’ve always dreamed of - all because of their income generating property portfolios.

Similarly to you these people worked a 9-5, or struggled with debt, or had family problems, or felt stuck in a dead end job. They all discovered that SERIOUS MONEY could be made by investing in property: without a deposit, without borrowing from typical high street lenders and without having any experience in the property world.

Now YOU can join them.

Celebrating Mark Homer

To celebrate our Co-Founder, Mark Homer’s 42nd birthday, we are giving you the EXCLUSIVE chance to reserve one of 42 VIP tickets for the hugely reduced price of only £42 +VAT (RRP £77 + VAT).

Zoom strategy session before the Multiple Streams Of Property Income event, exclusive for Premium ticket holders to understand where you are in your journey and your next steps going forward.
2 x Private Drinks Reception with The Progressive Property Expert Trainers Over The Weekend
Access to The Millionaire Mentors First Hand, In a Laid Back & Professional Environment​
Beat The Queue With Fast-track Entry
Priority Seating at the UK's #1 Property Investing Event
Buy to Let Boom Part 1 & 2 Online Course

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE OFF MSOPI with Mark Homer and Rob Moore, that won’t happen again soon. DON'T MISS OUT!

Mark Homer

Mark has been an Investor/Entrepreneur since the age of 16. He has bought over 600 properties (and counting) for himself, his business partner Rob Moore and his investors. Mark has raised £25million in JV finance since being in property and is a multiple bestselling author. He is an expert in Commercial Conversions and recently completed a 126,000 sqft project with 99% occupancy, generating over £1.3 million a year in rent.

Mark has a keen interest in finance investment, compounding growth and finding property deals. He is constantly developing and refining investment strategies designed to outperform the masses and create increased, sustainable, blended returns whilst controlling risk. Mark’s trademarked Deal Analyser is used by 10,000’s of investors and is becoming the industry standard investment tool.

Rob Moore

Rob is also the Co-Founder of the UK’s leading property training company, investor, a millionaire before the age of 31, author of 18 bestselling business books, prolific podcaster and content creator, 2 x public speaking world record holder and mentor/advisor to some of the biggest celebrities and multi-millionaires.

Rob has taken his personal brand and businesses to stratospheric levels. From getting over 260K followers on Clubhouse, gaining anywhere between 6K - 20K followers per week, being ranked in the top 100 Clubhouse influencers in the world, going viral, doing BIG collaborations with BIG brands, being interviewed on some of the best known podcasts, taking his downloads and views from hundreds of thousands per month to millions per weeks and more! He has catapulted his businesses on to a global stage. By using his creative strategies, Rob’s businesses have generated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of additional pounds in sponsorship deals, subscriptions, partnerships and collaborations.

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE OFF Multiple Streams Of Property Income event with Mark Homer and Rob Moore, to celebrate Mark’s birthday, and won’t happen again soon.

You will Learn The Proven Wealth Creation Methods, Including How To: 

Make more money from ONE simple property deal than you make in 6 months of paid work.
Lock in a quick £900+/month income (and how to repeat it again and again...).
Make an immediate £3,000+ without buying a single property.
Invest in property without a deposit or a mortgage for instant ongoing monthly cashflow.
Get the hottest property deals (these deals NEVER appear in Estate Agent’s windows).
Give up your job within 30-90 days and live off your property income WITHOUT the need for a large cash pot, mortgage or loans.
Find properties at silly low prices (WAY below market price) without paying a single penny.
Make £500,000 from ONE property deal.
Get UNLIMITED finance to build your portfolio (hint: you can do this WITHOUT using either a mortgage broker OR a bank!)
Have a flood of local deals at 25%-55% discount whilst others are paying full price! (Using these methods you can take your pick of properties which are substantially under market value).
PLUS, one time only special Keynote Speakers, Mark Homer and Rob Moore tell you all of their expert insider knowledge and lessons learned over the past 15 years!

...and MORE!

Your Trainers

Kevin McDonnell

Rent-To-Rent Property
Investing Expert, Author of the Bestselling Book No-Money-Down Property Investing

Anne Houlton

Business & Property Investing Expert. Over 5 Years in Property Investing Education

Dan Eaton

Commercial Conversions Property Expert. Property Portfolio over £9 Million.

Katy Wilson

National Deal Packager Specialist in Creative Acquisition Techniques Expert in working with investors and raising private finance
Property Investing Expert
Substantial Buy to Let Portfolio

Kevin Poneskis

Serviced Accommodation Property Investing Expert. Over 28 Years of Property Investing Experience

Is This Event For You? 

Are you looking to get one foot on the property ladder but don’t know where to start? 
This is the event for you.
Are you already a property investor looking to take your business to the next level? 
This is the event for you.
Do you want to quit your job, say goodbye to your terrible boss, leave the 9-5 grind and feel fulfilled in your work? 
This is the event for you.
Would you love to be certain in knowing you have a secure, fruitful pension growing every year and a nest egg to leave to your family? 
This is the event for you.
Do you want to feel relaxed, confident and happy with your life? 
This is the event for you.

To anyone who is in the same overworked, undervalued position as Daniela and Vito, dreaming of starting their own business and wishing for a better work/life balance, the Iannelli’s say:

“Go on the MSOPI course, you have nothing to lose and will meet some great people too.”

Daniela and Vito

4 Serviced Accommodation units and discussing over £7 million deals with investors

To anyone who is on the fence about attending a Progressive Property course, Rick says:

“Go to MSOPI and stay open minded!”


Created an investment portfolio worth £1.1 MILLION!

To anyone who has been dealt a tough hand like Chris and his family and are looking to change their life, Chris says:

“I would suggest attending a MSOPI event if you’re a newbie or someone wanting to change their property strategy. You learn a lot about property business to make a start. After the MSOPI course I came away with a clear understanding of what my next step was.”


Purchased 5 properties in the last 36 months and generated £1.6M in revenue

To anyone like Ranjit who has had a wake up call and needs to create a different income stream, he says:

“After attending MSOPI I have met some amazing people, avoided a number of mistakes, gained a respectable reputation in the industry, had dinner with Rob Moore and finally given up employment to go self-employed.”


Generating £100K annual revenue/turnover

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE OFF  Multiple Streams Of Property Income event with Mark Homer and Rob Moore, to celebrate Mark’s birthday, and won’t happen again soon.

Spaces are already filling up fast. Make sure to reserve yours now!

Now, It’s Decision Time

Are you tired of hearing about other people’s financial success while you feel stuck? Do you want to be in the same situation in 5 years time wishing you had made a change sooner? Isn’t it YOUR turn to have a better lifestyle?

You might be thinking: ‘I don’t have time to spend 3 days at the Multiple Streams Of Property Income event (MSOPI) event.’ 
Ask yourself what else could be more pressing than learning how you could generate all the money you and your family could ever need? You'll return home after 3 days with the knowledge to help you start your new property empire straight away and to create the lifestyle which you and your family deserve.

You might be thinking: ‘I can’t travel to Peterborough, it’s too far.’
We’ve had delegates travel from the very north of Scotland and the very south of England to attend the Multiple Streams of Property Income event. You need to be willing to make the effort and put in the hard work to be rewarded with life changing results.

Whether you want to quit your job, retire early or gain financial freedom.
When you attend this exciting event you will learn from our experts the insider knowledge needed to have multiple income streams flowing into your account every month.

Are you going to seize control of your destiny today?...We’ll see you there.

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