Monday 21st March 2022

Online With Mark Homer


Limited Edition Commercial Conversion Discovery Day with Property Genius Mark Homer.

Commercial Property Investing: Learn How To Turn Old Commercial Properties Into Residential GOLDMINES.
This is not just any event, It's a Mark Homer Event!

Show Me How!

Learn the HOTTEST property strategy around - one that will make you up to 6-figures in A LOT less time than buy-to-lets ever could!

To celebrate our Co-Founder, Mark Homer's upcoming birthday, we're giving you the EXCLUSIVE chance to learn directly from the Commercial Conversion genius himself.

Join the expert trainer Dan Eaton and one-off Keynote Speaker, Mark Homer, to learn the key elements and strategies you NEED to know for both large and small scale commercial conversions.

If you are a property investor who is struggling to make BIG profits with standard buy-to-lets - then this event is for you.

If you're interested in getting into property and want to make BIG money, then this one-off, Mark Homer, discovery day is for you.

Mark Homer has specialised in Commercial Conversions for years. He recently completed a 126,000 sqft project in the heart of Peterborough with 99% occupancy, generating over £1.3 million a year in rent - if you're looking to make BIG money in property, you want to learn from Mark now!

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE OFF Virtual Discover Day with Mark Homer, that won't happen again.

Mark Homer

Mark has been an investor/Entrepreneur since the age of 16. He has bought over 550 properties (and counting) for himself, his business partner Rob Moore and his investors. Mark has raised £25million in JV Finance since being in property and is a multiple bestselling author. 

Mark has a keen interest in finance investment, compounding growth and finding property deals. He is constantly developing and refining investment strategies designed to outperform the masses and create increased, sustainable, blended returns whilst controlling risk. Mark's trademarked Deal Analyser is used by 10,000's of investors and is becoming the industry standard investment tool. 

Dan Eaton

Dan came to Progressive in 2017 as a student, learning the strategies of those successful people who had gone before. Since then, he has left his full time corporate jo, built a multi-million pound property portfolio consisting of Services Accommodation units, new build developments and his favourite property of them all - Commercial Conversions!

Currently his development pipeline alone exceeds 12m, all from a student start with no prior property experience! Join him on this event as he share show you too can achieve your goals by converting Commercial Property and how it isn't as difficult as you may think. 

The UK has a HUGE demand for housing, with little supply. England needs 345,000 homes a year to sustain its population. We're currently short by a staggering 101,230. Demand has never been higher. One of the ways we can meet demand is by redeveloping commercial units. 

The pandemic has caused A LOT of retail and commercial businesses to close, leaving units empty and ready to be purchased. 

It's time to get the right knowledge, skills, guidance and team to take advantage of the commercial wave in 2022 and get ahead of the competition. 

There has NEVER been a better time to get started in Commercial Conversions.

You will be given a one-day introduction to:

How to quickly and easily find commercial buildings
The planning, tax and building regulation pitfalls and how to avoid them
Planning, building control, legal issues, points of caution, freehold & leasehold properties
How to de-risk any project and ensure all investments are calculated
All aspects of Property Development Finance: private finance, angel finance, joint ventures, option agreements, lease option agreements and bridge finance.

...and more!

What others have to say: 

Leigh I.

“Before property I was involved in IT. For a decade or so I was an IT Consultant. All that time I was a Landlord but decided to look into investment as a more active strategy. When I came to do the Commercial Conversion course in October 2020 that showed me realistically how I can do this and going forward the intention is to look at more developments. Working with Progressive Property has given me the confidence in terms of what we can do and what’s possible.”

David K.

“This course is truly life-changing and the connections and friendships made will make a massive difference. Having been involved in property, planning and development for 20 years, I have gained more from just 2 days on this course than I have in a whole two decades of formal education. This is THE property course to do!!”

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE OFF Virtual Discovery Day with Mark Homer, that won't happen again.

Spaces are already filling up fast. Make sure to reserve yours now!

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